Watercolor florals

Learn to paint simple leaves and flowers with watercolor

Watercolor florals – upcoming session to be scheduled

During this beginner friendly 3h workshop, I will take you to the essentials and basics of floral watercolor painting. In a non-judgmental environment, you will be taught how to paint different flowers and leaves. 

As I recently graduated as an art therapy practitioner I include in my workshops some exercices and experiences linked to the benefits of art therapy. Art is a way to express yourself, and enjoy the present moment. 

You can do it too! It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you have fun experimenting.

Please note this session will be taught in French.




This is a beginner friendly course but I encourage participants to take the Watercolor Basics course beforehand or you might get a bit lost. 

Availability is limited to 6 individuals to ensure a qualitative course and in respect with COVID restrictions. 

I will operate on a first come first served basis when registration reopen.

so many reasons to join…

Open up

Try something new and shut those little voices in your mind. You know, the ones that say: “I am not talented enough”… bye!


Don’t worry about the material. I will provide you with paint, paper and brushes. Just bring your smile and an open mind!

Take away

At the end of the workshop you will bring a project back with you and be able to brag to your loved ones: “Yup! I made it myself!” 


to be scheduled

usually from 13:30 to 16:30


In Plainpalais Geneva

VOISINS Coworking space
8 rue des voisins – 1205 Geneva 

How much?

90 chf per participant for a full 3h00 workshop

Any further question?

Copyrighted Image - Julie Thomas